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At Vivid, floor sanding is our passion! We strive to deliver the best possible results for our customers no matter the complexity of the task. For many years we have been taking on floor sanding projects in terrible condition. Customers often assume they need to pay thousands for a new floor. However, a new floor is almost never needed! Provided there is more than 3mm of solid wood remaining we can sand it and completely restore your floor back to brand new. 

Hire Floor Sanding Experts...

Established in 2007 as a premium floor sanding and restoration company, Vivid have consistently delivered a high quality service to its customers across London and the Home Counties. Over this time we have perfected our floor sanding process and have left customers amazed with our results.

Whether it’s floor sanding of Oak Parquet, Solid Maple or an Engineered Wood Floor, we are ready to deliver! We use the foremost cutting edge machinery and techniques to guarantee a long lasting finish which will transform your chosen space.

In the rare instances where a floor is not sandable we will simply lay a new one. With our connections to high end flooring suppliers and reclamation specialists, we can provide a bespoke solution and fulfil your perfect vision. 

The Floor Sanding Process

There are many different ways to sand down a floor, however, at Vivid we believe our process stands out from the crowd. During the initial consultation, we will gather details related to your end vision for your floor and devise the perfect solution to maximise the potential for your floor sanding project. 

No two floors are the same, so we will review options related to final colour, finish and sheen level and offer our advice taken from years of floor sanding experience. We will also identify any repairs that will need to take place prior to sanding to ensure greatest longevity of your floor.

To the right is an illustration of our typical floor sanding process detailing our most regular stages. 

1. Repairs

For neglected floors structural attention is needed to both the subframe and the surface to reduce movement and squeaking.

2. Fill Gaps

To kill draft and dust transfer, we will install slivers of the same wood species and then sand smooth.

3. Main Sanding

Begin sanding with a belt sander starting with a very course belt through to medium smoothness.

4. Finish Sanding

To achieve glass-like final surface we used a cutting edge planetary finish sander and sand to an ultra fine smoothness..

5. Sand Seal

We use a french polish technique and apply shellac to the floor as a pre-stain to remove any possible blotching and uneven stain absorption.​

6. Apply Stain

We use a specialist bonnet machine to apply stain evenly which uses as little stain as needed to reach a consistent coloration.​.

7. Prime Surface

Apply water-based primer to ensure finish adheres well and eliminate possible side bonding.​.

8. Apply Finish

Apply 2-3 coats of water-based, commercial grade lacquer.